RIM Is Axing 10% Of Its Employees

So much seems to go wrong for RIM that it's almost impossible not to feel a little sorry for them. Instead, feel sorry for a swathe of over 2000 employees who are about to be axed by the company in a desperate attempt to make the BlackBerry profitable once more.

All Things D reports that over 10 per cent of RIM's staff is set to be sacked over the next few months. One source explained to All Things D that:

"RIM has about 16,500 employees worldwide now... That number will be down to 14,500 before the summer's over. … 14,500 or less."

Eeep. Last year, RIM axed a similar number of staff — but clearly that wasn't enough. Apparently the cuts are exptected to be company-wide, with every division taking a hit, but I'd like to nominate the marketing department for an extensive clear out. [All Things D]

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