Right-Angle iPhone Dock Is A Beautifully Unobtrusive Travel Accessory

Yet another device that smartphones, like the iPhone, have made obsolete are alarm clocks. The only minor issue being that you need some way to prop them up to check the time, and Bracketron's MetalDock does exactly that, with style.

Available at the end of June for just $US35, the all metal dock can hold your iPhone in its portrait or landscape orientation while charging it at the same time. Its three foot cable cleverly keeps the dock propped up, while a set of rubber feet stop it from sliding all over. And its ultra-minimal design makes it perfect for travel, particularly if you end up in a dated hotel room lacking an iPhone compatible alarm clock.

[Bracketron via iLounge]



    Suffers from the same problem that all of these docks suffer from. Occludes the speakers when it is docked. If you are going to use this for travel and probably use it as an alarm clock then it registers as a consistent design flaw fail.

    Any idea what app that iphone is running in the picture?

    App looks very similar to Fliptime

    might also be redundant if apple change the dock connection on the next iphone which is a rumor...

      I was thinking the same think. Great design until the next iteration of iPhone comes out with a slightly different shape.

    Or better yet one that doesn't cover the speakers or require you to take off covers, from two years ago can now be picked up cheap:

      Links removed?
      "Kensignton iPhone dock" ebay/google
      Was featured on gizmodo a couple of years ago...

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