Reuters: Yep, iPhone 5 Will Be Bigger

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that it expects the next iPhone to pack a screen measuring at least four inches. Now, Reuters is joining the party, reporting that its own sources are confident that the phone's screen will measure four inches diagonal exactly.

Reuters also confirms the Journal's speculation that three manufacturers — LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display — will provide the screens, which could be in production as early as June. As a result, Reuters speculates that the iPhone could enter production as soon as August.

Regardless of dates, it's starting to look more certain than ever that the next generation iPhone will feature a bigger display. [Reuters]



    Oh, this is going to hurt a lot of apple fansout there who have been on the "everything else is too big" bandwagon. It was always going to happen. The real question is will Apple keep the same resolution and just bump the screen size? Or will a ratio enter the mix?
    I am actually excited to see the next iPhone design now. Web browsing on a 3.5 inch screen is pretty woeful and i think Apple fans will recognise how much difference the extra size makes.

      yeah, fair points moggyx, but how big is too big, y'know?

        I'm an android boy, I've ordered the Galaxy S 3 and currently have the Galaxy S. I honestly think 4 inch is still manageable in one hand and probably the upper limit for one hand operation. If they go with that size, I think it will be a winning move!

          the nexus one was as big as i could handle really

      I agree. I remember a lot of times where people were saying that the iPhone has the perfect size. I've been using myy iphone for years and have always thught that while nice, I would like something a little larger, especailly for browsing the net.

      That being said I feel that there are some smartphones out there that look way too big, more like mini-tablets.

      Though I have never used one so I can't judge how easy it is to have a much larger phone.

      Anyone out there have any of the really large phones that can shed some light?

      For me, it's not about screen size. (which to me is fine, but a bigger screen is always nice, but not necessary)

      It's about pocket size.

      If they could drastically reduce the bezel size I would be down with this as long as it didn't hit battery life hard.

        The bigger screen would need more power, but I would assume having a slightly larger phone means there is slightly more space to put things in, larger processor, battery etc...

          Also if it the screen goes right to the edge, you may accidentally touch the screen while just holding it. That said, with the current ones there is plenty of space top and bottom that could be screen instead.

    Who really gives a shit, the sheep will buy them no matter how crap the new iphone is. I'm just looking forward to ditching my Android for a Windows phone.

      you obviously give enough of a shit to make a comment, blippittybloppitty. Don't you have anything worthwhile to do?

        Mission accomplished, I'd say. He probably took all of 4 seconds to type that. But you spent longer reading it, replying to it and getting mad about it.

          Mission accomplished, I’d say. He probably took all of 4 seconds to type that. But you spent longer reading it, replying to it and getting mad about it.

    Just because the rumours say the screen will be larger doesn't mean the phone itself will be. A 4 inch screen would fit perfectly on the current device, albeit with a slight change in aspect ratio

      Not necessarily true. They'd want to keep the resolution "Retina" in which case they need to up it for a 4 Inch screen....which means more processing requirement....which means more battery....which means a bigger phone, either thicker or wider/higher.

    Apple, always playing catch up.

      And I was about to say....
      I find it difficult to believe that Apple has done market research into this - that's just not their game.
      You take what we give you, and you will buy it and like it - or else.

      Catch up compared to?


        No Blake. Android. Android has 57% of market share globally. Any way you look at that, they're obviously doing something right.

        And what's the one thing all the new Android phones have? Bigger screens.....

          iPhone is just one phone. Android is 100s. Hardly fair to say apple is playing catch up when their one phone holds such a large % of the market against hundreds of other phones.

            Yeah that would be like comparing PCs and Macs, that's not fair! :P

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