Residential Buildings In London Will House Surface-To-Air Missiles During The Olympics

Large-scale, international events like the Olympics are often considered as targets for terrorist attacks. The UK's Ministry of Defence is taking that extremely seriously: it's placing surface-to-air missiles on a residential apartment building during the upcoming sporting event.

The BBC reports that people living in a residential area in east London, near the Olympic site, have received information explaining that a "Higher Velocity Missile system" — capable of firing projectiles at Mach 3 — could be placed in their locality. The proposed site is a disused water tower which now contains apartments. In the information given to the residents, the UK's Ministry of Defence explains:

"The location has been chosen as it is situated close to the Olympic Park and offers an excellent view of the surrounding area and the entire sky above the Olympic Park... The top of the tower also offers a flat, uncluttered and safe area from which to operate."

Understandably, locals are more than a little concerned at the prospect. There is a testing phase scheduled for later this week, during which the UK's military will test their capabilities for providing security during the Olympics. During that period, the proposed missile site will be undergoing final testing. [BBC]

Image: Dejan Lazarevic/Shutterstock

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