Residential Buildings In London Will House Surface-To-Air Missiles During The Olympics

Large-scale, international events like the Olympics are often considered as targets for terrorist attacks. The UK's Ministry of Defence is taking that extremely seriously: it's placing surface-to-air missiles on a residential apartment building during the upcoming sporting event.

The BBC reports that people living in a residential area in east London, near the Olympic site, have received information explaining that a "Higher Velocity Missile system" -- capable of firing projectiles at Mach 3 -- could be placed in their locality. The proposed site is a disused water tower which now contains apartments. In the information given to the residents, the UK's Ministry of Defence explains:

"The location has been chosen as it is situated close to the Olympic Park and offers an excellent view of the surrounding area and the entire sky above the Olympic Park... The top of the tower also offers a flat, uncluttered and safe area from which to operate."

Understandably, locals are more than a little concerned at the prospect. There is a testing phase scheduled for later this week, during which the UK's military will test their capabilities for providing security during the Olympics. During that period, the proposed missile site will be undergoing final testing. [BBC]

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    They'll probably have a few C-RAMs as well. Misiles wont be very usefull against a mortars.

    Watched some twit complaining about it on the News yesterday. He'd probably be the first to complain if a plane got through and crashed into the stadium if they weren't in place!

    Oh, a training exercise! I hope nothing goes wrong, that would be amusingly predictable. Instead, perhaps we should hope for a triumphant blasting of hostile aircraft ... what do you mean destroyed aircraft don't just disappear like magic, of *course* the falling debris won't have the effect of a carpet bombing.

      The idea is for them to act as a deterrent, or would you rather see a plane crash into a full stadium and possibly kill thousands..?

        Would you say pointing turrets at the stadium crowd would be a good idea, because suicide bombers like to hide in crowds? If that seems overboard, perhaps a few dozen armed snipers would be appropriate?

          I think you may be completely missing his point, the key word being deterrent. Obviously if a terrorist got into the stadium undetected that would be a completely different situation!

            A good deterrent to burglary would be putting said turrets out the front of my house. My point is, doing this sort of thing tends to have detrimental effects: you put everyone on edge; you provoke an arms race in the vicinity; anybody who wants to seriously fuck shit up have 99 million other ways to do it. At best, this is security theatre. At worst, it's there to set the stage for something awful to happen. In fact, it's practically asking to be abused -- it's on a residential property for goodness sake!

            (By the way ... how do you detect a terrorist? I mean, I've heard of profiling and all that but the smart ones would slip right through, right? Not only that, a "terrorist" could be anyone. Any mobile phone could act as a bomb trigger. Hell, you don't even have to *be* there to send a few toy quadracopters in with sacks full of disease and misery.)

              hey shit for brains. these are air to air missiles. They are designed to shoot down airplanes. WTF are you going on about terrorists in a crowd? Dumb shit you are.

                I'm not making myself clear to you. Starting an arms race in the name of the Olympics goes against every sentiment the Olympics stands for. The official story is that the threat of terrorism looks like Muslims and planes. This is far from reality. The modern terrorist threat looks like Western governments whipping up their population into an artificial sense of panic AND security, where the panic is the planes and the Muslims and such, and the security is being surrounded by and possibly subject to weaponry and invasive measures of the likes you have never seen. Makes weaponry and security industries rich, makes people too distracted to realise that the law is being changed to the point where it's no longer about what you can't do but what you're allowed to do, or worse, you're actually OK with that. Did you notice the US government just passed a law called CISPA? All your private Facebook chats are now effectively government property. That's just the beginning. If you've read this far, you might wonder why the perps would bother with all this. It's simple. Because those doing it love what they do, it's addictive, and nobody has stopped them. Who are "they"? If you still care (if so, you're one of the lucky ones), you can look up Theodor Herzl on your favourite search engine, and hit the first link.

                  An arms race implies that a force improves their weapons forcing the other side to also improve their weapons. The weapons of Terrorists is fear. It always has been and always will be. Death toll is secondary. Terrorism is a political tactic used to influence the politics of a country. Forcing the people to think "could that bus have a bomb in it?" and " Is that plane going to fly into my building?" or “is a dangerous nerve agent going to be released on the subway I’m on” along with thousands of other way people who want to do bad things to get attention can cause fear. Are you proposing that we should stop trying to prevent terrorist attacks? Are you happy to be the target of a terrorist attack? I don't break the law. I'm not planning a terror attack. No of course your not. Its idiots like you who are the first to say "why didn't the government do something to stop it".

                  You want your freedoms. You want to write posts on Facebook about how hot you think some chick looks or how fast you drove down the highway last night. That fine. No one could give a flying fuck about what you think, least of all the government. BUT, there are people out there who use things like Facebook to send messages. And it’s not just terrorists that use these. They can't use emails or phones anymore, because everyone watches those. So, the enemy adapts. They use twitter, they use Facebook, they use MMORPGs they use any place where they can send a message, in code that will be drowned out by the mass of chatter.

                  The monitoring of Facebook that you are referring to wont just stop terrorists. It will and has stopped child molesters and rapists. Where do you think all the intelligence came from to dismantle these child porn rings recently? Social media. BUT who are we to try to protect innocent children when your mindless babbling to your equally inane friends on face book might be scanned for trigger words by an automated computer system!!! ALL THE WORLD STOP martyfmelb WANTS HIS PRIVACY.

                  How about you have a talk to someone who has been the victim of child abuse and ask them if they care about your privacy. Ask them if they would be happy to allow these miscreants to get away with destroying another child’s life so that you can have your privacy. I suggest you make sure they don't have a dangerous weapon when you do, because I dare say your safety would be at risk.

                  Oh what’s that? These laws don't state that they are to prevent child abuse? perhaps that’s because terrorism is a big ticket item at the moment that gets lots of funding and attention from the media whose technology can also be used to find these sick, evil failed abortions called pedophiles. So the FBI, and ICE and the Federal police here in Australia and all these other police agencies tasked with protecting your children, work together. They find one of these sick, evil failed abortions, and monitor them. Because most of their crimes are online, they are monitored online, which is where Facebook comes into play. Then they find other sick, evil failed abortions by seeing who the first sick, evil failed abortion talks to and what files they send. And when they find them all they send out alerts to the police forces in all the countries where these sick, evil failed abortions live and they all get nabbed at the same time to prevent word getting out and preventing them from getting away. But of course how can the life of a child weigh up against your privacy ‘eh martyfmelb?

          WTF.. Why in hell would they point missiles at individual terrorists sitting in the stadium..? Wow..!

            Oh, I was imagining machine-gun turrets. Do missile turrets exist? I might get one for self-defense and definitely not for blowing up random crap for shits and giggles in the bush :-J

              Yer, either read or watch the news, might keep you up to date rather than dribbling nonsense here eh?

                or just look at the frigin picture in the article.

            They are GROUND to air missiles, who's the shit for brains now?

              Umm. You may want to read the title again. Wait I'll paste it here for you.

              Residential Buildings In London Will House SURFACE-To-Air Missiles During The Olympics

              Or howabout doing a wikipedia search for "Ground to air misiles"


              Oh says "The page "Ground to air missiles" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered."

              And would you look at that. The first result on the page.

              Surface-to-air missile (redirect from Surface-to-air missiles) (

    hahaha, Nice!

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