Report: Google Tablet With Android 5.0 In June?

June is shaping up as one hell of a showcase for next-gen mobile platforms. Apple will likely use WWDC to introduce iOS 6 and Microsoft is expected to demo Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) at its SF developer summit on June 20. Now it’s alleged that the long-rumoured 7-inch Google Nexus tablet (probably made by Asus) will be unveiled at Google I/O on June 27. Possibly with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

That’s according to tech site, TechnoBuffalo, who go on to admit its sources are conflicting on Jelly Bean being preloaded. It would make sense, though, especially with Taiwanese trade paper DigiTimes reporting that 600,000 units are slated for July release. TechnoBuffalo also suggested that the Nexus tablet will Tegra 3-based and cost around US$200. The tablet was reportedly pushed back from its original May estimate in order to trim the price down to compete directly with the Kindle Fire in the US. Rumours have been heaped upon heaps of fetid rumour corpses for months about this thing, but if you were Google and you were going to announce a tablet, Google I/O is as logical a time and place as any.

Jelly Bean: Improvements expected to be along the lines of tablet optimisations, possible laptop support, a file manager, malware protection and an updated default keyboard.

Apollo: Developer preview aside, don’t expect Windows Phone 8 until later this year. We should see higher resolution displays, multi-core support, NFC, and apps that can control other apps.

iOS 6: As always, who knows. A new maps app with a special 3D mode remains a strong possibility and there’s also been talk of expanded Siri features and iCloud improvements. As for seeing an iPhone 5 in June? Not as likely as an iPad Mini.



    Android 5.0, YES!
    But this will only fragment the Android tablet marketplace even more. I bet when this tablet is released, there will still be Samsung tablets sold with Android 3.

    5.0? There's still barely any devices updated to 4.0?

      and this is why google want to make a Nexus phone and Nexus tablet. so if you want on time updates get a nexus

        Hmm, you need to ensure that your nexus device is a YAKJU build if you want on time updates. If it's any other build, then you might as well forget about updating your device.

          true but this is why Google have started selling their devices from the play store. This way they can control the phones and not let the carriers get in the way.

          or you can just download the stock file and flash it. its really not that hard

      get a transformer, updates are out within 2 weeks of google releasing them... really bloody quick!!

    But will they have fixed audio delay? Till the other day when I went to buy the galaxy note I realised that there was a large online presence regarding the lack of low latency audio and that even developers of fruit loops and nano studio where hassling google about this. So I didn't end up with the galaxy note and will have to stick to iOS for now. Hope Android 5 fixes this and all the great music creation apps on iOS are ported, would be great.

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