Report: Google Glasses Will Be Lamer Than Promised

Report: Google Glasses Will Be Lamer Than Promised

Remember the incredible Google Glasses promo video? The one promising us an ultra-futuristic augmented reality UI for our everyday lives? Science fiction cum reality! Well, it’s not going to be as cool as we were promised. Le sigh.

CNET paid a visit to Google only to find that Google’s initial promo video may have exaggerated the way the information would be displayed on Google Glasses. Instead of a “terminator-style” full-view overlay like the one in the video, the currently popular prototype for the glasses will display information just slightly above the eye.

While Google+ chief Vic Gundotra didn’t say much about the Glasses during an interview this morning, a later discussion with another spokesperson confirmed that the popular prototype model, as seen on Gundotra as well as Google X Lab founder Sebastian Thrun in a Charlie Rose interview, shows information above the wearer’s usual line of sight, “about where the edge of an umbrella might be.”


As CNET points out, this scaled-back approach might make more sense from both a technological and practical perspective. And in fairness, all of the prototype images we’ve seen show that the glasses don’t cover your whole field of view. But it’s still hard not to be a little disappointed. [CNET]