What Exactly Was Carried On SpaceX's History-Making Journey?

We made a lot of hoopla over the recent SpaceX launch — and for good reason. A private company has done for the first time what previously took the efforts of enormous governments. It put cargo in space! But what exactly?

Tested.com says a total of 660kg of stuff was hauled up to the International Space Station — primarily grub for those hungry astronauts. We haven't found a way to replace them with androids — and besides, we have reason to believe that won't end well, so food will continue to be a huge (and hugely expensive) portion of space freight. So, SpaceX took up 306kg of food, providing 117 "standard meals" and 45 "low sodium" meals. The rest? Sophisticated-sounding stuff, like a "NanoRacks Module 9" and JAXA Multiplexer. Read the full cargo manifest below. [NASA via Tested]

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