Please Don't Tweet You're Carrying The Olympic Torch While You're Carrying The Olympic Torch

Granted, is quite the technophile. He routinely records lyrics and melodies into his BlackBerry (he's also a paid spokesperson for the company) and edits them on his iMac. But that's still no excuse.

Also, he tweeted about the torch on his BlackBerry Torch, which, ugh.

Olympic torch in his left hand, Blackberry Torch in the right, But Will.I.Am's sense of decorum? Nowhere in sight.



Comments Yes, you will!


      You realize you just said that you will fail? Lol

        Hence, the you will :)

    Umm, the olympic torch is in his right hand...

      and from 0:21 to 0:36 it is in his left, just like it says in the post.

    Feel free to comment or post when you have run the torch and chosen not to tweet while you are doing it.

    I saw this on the telly yesterday and couldn't believe it. After seeing Conan last night, though, I've written it off as an African-American thing.

    Usher during the cast call on SNL, on the phone. Douche.

    wonder how much he got paid to tweet that... I'm guessing 2Mil

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