Aussie Big Screens: 2012 TV Updates From Panasonic, Samsung, LG And Sony

Over the past few weeks, the big four in TV screens announced their 2012 lineup. The common theme between them all appears to all about the smart apps and multitasking capabilities. And it seems that we're yet to see the last of those 3D panels that we all love to hate. If you're looking to upgrade your TV anytime soon, be sure to read up on what's in store for the Australian market.

Panasonic’s New Australian TVs Include Multi-Tasking, Web Browsing, Home Streaming And More Movie Options

Panasonic launched its Australian 2012 Home Entertainment range today, including its first passive 3D LCD panel, TVs with lots of app functionality across Android and iOS and the announcement of both Telstra BigPond Movies and Quickflix Movies for this year’s crop, and selected 2011 TVs as well. More >>

Samsung’s 2012 Aussie TV Lineup: Smart TV, Gestures And Upgrades

At last night’s launch of its 2012 TV range, Samsung was at pains to promote its Smart TV offerings, which this year will include fitness apps, Foxtel and both talk and physical navigation options. More >>

Would You Pay To Upgrade Your TV Every Year? [Poll]

At last night's Samsung TV launch, the company announced that from 2012, selected TV models would be capable of being "upgraded" to match the next year's features, for a $149 fee each year. Is that a case of brilliant future-proofing, or subscription TV buying? More >>

Samsung Launching Foxtel and Olympics On Its 2012 TVs

Samsung’s launching its Australian 2012 range of TVs tonight, and it has just announced that it’ll be bringing Foxtel to its new TVs in July, along with eight free Olympics channels. More >>

LG’s 2012 Australian TV Lineup Is All About 3D

When Panasonic launched its Australian 2012 TV range, the talk was all about multi-tasking; when Samsung did so it was all about Smart TV and exclusive content. LG's pitch to get you to buy a new telly this year is strongly tilted towards the quality of its 3D offerings. More >>

Sony’s 2012 Bravia Strategy: Content, Pictures And Gorillas

Sony’s slimmed down the number of televisions it’ll launch into the Australian market in 2012, with a focus on picture quality and smart TV -- but not “games and gimmicks”. According to Sony, it’s all about the content. More >>

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    At the end of the day.. what is going to sell me a new TV is a "bigger" screen at a "smaller" cost. I don't care about internet TV, I don't care about "smart" technology.. I just want a regular LCD/LED TV with a decent picture quality at larger than the "current average" size for lower than the "current average" price..

    Give me a 152cm LCD/LED for $999 and I'll buy it in a heartbeat even if it doesn't have all the new whizbang (pointless) things.

    It's a TV.. gimme a TV.

      exactly, a TV just needs to be a tv... you can buy things to plug into it to get internet, storage, streaming... dont need all that in just a viewing box.

      Agreed! I don't want a television/half computer. All I want is the TV and to be able to connect my own preferred computer to it.

    I have an 8 series Samsung, I took a quick look at the smart hub when I first got it and never again since. I don't know why they need to try and reinvent the wheel with their own software, they should just preinstall android or something. If a Samsung TV came with Android preloaded and had some sort of AirPlay style functionality with say a Samsung Galaxy Tab, I'd totally be on board with that.

      I agree. I have a LG lw6500 and I've only looked at the smart TV options once. I have no interest in going on the internet with my TV, nor do I want to go on Facebook, Twitter or play Sudoku.

        Yup this. Never use the "Smart TV" functions. However I do welcome the DLNA streaming capabilities of my LG TV - It saves me from buying and extra box and creating more clutter. And paired with Plex <3

      All Samsungs do work with Galaxy Tabs with the AllShare feature.

    I think they should do cheaper "monitor only" style panels without the tuner and unwanted extra features. There are a lot of people just hooking them up
    To a pc or other things to get them to do what they want. My panel has not been out of av1 input mode for months as my Mac mini is my media centre and does everything for me including tv and pvr.
    Cheaper panels without features would
    Also be better for people who want multi screen or multi room setups ?

    I need a big and Fresh screen.

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