"One In Ten Men Would Rather Have An iPad Than A Girlfriend" Survey Results Are Pure Rubbish

A number of people sent me a link to survey results that suggested that ten percent of the male population would rather have Apple's tablet than a female partner, and that three per cent would leave a partner for an iPad. The problem is that it's utter rubbish on just about every level. It certainly sounds like an enticing kind of figure, and one that reinforces several unpleasant stereotypes, including geeky obsessions, the ability to replace actual people with technology, inherent sexism — you name it, it hits all the bases.

Except that, to put it bluntly, it's absurd rubbish on just about every level that you can think of. Here's why:

  • It was a survey conducted online with no obvious oversight
  • By a Casino looking to drum up publicity for itself
  • Who only surveyed 600 people in total

Certainly, there are folks out there who are passionate about Apple as a brand — and, indeed, folks that are passionate about many other brands. But this is just pure headline-grabbing nonsense — I'm even breaking my own usual custom and not directly linking to the original survey source simply because I don't want to give them the oxygen! [via DailyTech]

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