Nokia Is Working On 'Hybrid' Mobile Devices

Nokia lost its spot as the world's top phone manufacturer to Samsung last week, but according to an interview with the Financial Times, it's got a plan to get back on track: hybrids.

The obvious question is, well, just what the hell does that mean? Chairman Jorma Ollila, who spoke with the Financial Times, didn't give any specifics. There are a few logical guesses: Most likely it'll be some version of the tablet/PC hybrid Windows 8 wants to make its bones on. Or Nokia could be looking at more handsets like the Nokia 808 PureView, with its gigantic 41MP camera. Part phone, part massive camera sensor. Or it could always mean Nokia's very own Galaxy Note-like phablet.

Nokia threw its lot in with Windows Phone — and Windows 8 tablet-side — last year, and its Lumia line has done fairly well so far in the US. But Windows 8 is going to set Nokia on a collision course with competitors it hasn't run into before. Some of whom might have similar notions, like Lenovo with its Yoga laptop/tablet hybrid. We hope Elop and co can pull off something great. [Financial Times via Register]

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