Nokia 808 Pureview: Great Camera, But Not For Aussies

Like the concept behind the Nokia Pureview 808 and its 41-megapixel camera? You're going to have to import one, as Nokia's indicated that it won't be selling the phone in Australia. Nokia Australia posted a status update to its Facebook page stating that it had no plans for the 808 in Australia:

"Our smartphone focus in Australia and New Zealand is Nokia with Windows Phone, which we believe is the best fit for Australians and Kiwis. We are not looking to bring the Nokia 808 PureView to this market, however, you will see variations of PureView imaging technology delivered to several Nokia products in the future"

I did say when the 808 Pureview was announced that my main problem with it was the fact that it was Symbian based; there is perhaps a mild silver lining in that it further shores up the possibility of a Windows Phone 7 based device with that same sensor built in. Hopefully, it won't take too long to materialise. [Whirlpool via CNET]

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