New Wii U Controller Pics Leaked By Developer

New Wii U Controller Pics Leaked By Developer

The image here, which popped up on Twitter not long ago but has now — unsurprisingly — vanished from the internet, shows what looks like, at first glance, a tablet controller for Nintendo’s Wii U. Except it’s not quite the same as the promo shots and preview devices we’ve seen. For one thing, it has real-proper analogue thumb sticks, instead of the flat, nub-like ones of the old model.


Other than the sticks, there’s not a great deal that’s changed. There’s a Wii U logo and the Start / Select buttons have shifted to the right-hand side of the controller. There’s a square-like mark on the left, below the direction pad, that reminds me of an iPhone’s home button, but seeing as there is, you know, an actual button with a house on it already, I don’t think that’s what it is.

GamesRadar reports that image was posted by a “QA tester at Traveller’s Tales Games (makers of the LEGO series)“. As I mentioned, the link to the image the article provides is now dead, likely a result of someone high up asking said QA tester “What the hell did you just do?” before firing them for potentially compromising their relationship with Nintendo.

OK, I hope that’s not what happened, but I don’t think anyone will be giving the alleged leakster a gold star and a pack of gummy bears for his efforts. [GamesRadar]