Neil Armstrong Talks Moon Landing To Australian Accountants

That's right up there in terms of headlines I never thought I'd write, but it's true nonetheless; Neil Armstrong — yes, that Neil Armstrong — a man notable for generally refusing interview requests outright, has recorded a series of indepth interview with the Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia. Why the CPA? As The Guardian notes, Neil's dad was an auditor — and that appears to have given Alex Malley, chief executive of Certified Practicing Accountants Australia enough of an "in" to get Armstrong to open up about everything from his odds on the success of the moon landing to why it's a pity that NASA doesn't get the kind of funding and attention that it did back when he was an astronaut.

The videos themselves — there's an hour's worth, give or take — aren't embeddable, but if you head over to the CPA site, you can catch Armstrong's insight into the space race from a first hand perspective. [CPA via The Guardian] Image: Central Press/Getty Images


    I have always had a huge amount of respect for the way Armstrong has conducted himself since the landing - not too many interviews, no tacky endorsements etc - just a dignified retirement for someone who was central to an amazing moment in human history

      Too bad it was all propaganda and never really happened. If I was him I wouldn't want to talk too much either.

        Hard to tell if it's a troll or genuine... but either way, as I was putting this one together, I could see this comment happening.

        Hey! I've got psychic powers! Who wants to pay me money for predictions?


          Hey! I have incredibly nerdy humour! Who's going to give me a haha?

        As Armstrong himself said in the interview, 800,000 people at NASA couldn't keep a secret like that for this long.

        BTW Alex, thanks for the credit for sending you the link...NOT.

          In all honesty, I'd seen it before you'd sent it, and scheduled it as well. Always happy to get tips, however.

        Lynx, dont you know the government can read your thoughts whenever you look at a computer screen? I'd get rid of your computer if I was you.

        What I never understood is if they faked the moon landing how come Russia never noticed? You'd think during a cold war they'd jump at the chance to say "We can prove the moon landing was fake"

        "Oh no I'm on that weird part of the web again"....or has it invaded "GIZMODO"

    Unfortunately when they are scared for their lives they would keep quiet. There where a few to many "accidents" back then with the astronauts and the workers. I've hears reports from astronauts claiming ufo's followed them to and from the moon. I guess if you want the truth, you gotta come to the conclusion yourself.

    The Moon landings happened! The proof is in the hundreds of kilos of rocks brought back, which have been analysed by geologists all over the world and which could not have come from anywhere but the Moon.

      Sorry, they've just in the last year found all elements in the moon rocks are present naturally here on hearth also.
      So that argument doesn't stand, even if others may. :)


    If Russian space experts accept it why can't morons who have no understanding of space travel accept it.

    (sigh) Fact- You can not "see" see the moon landing site from earth with any current form of telescope but the pure unadulterated confirmation from multiple nations, organizations and hardware in space saying "yep, the seppo's landed on the moon ( most of these are not noted for being friendly to the USA)"pretty much puts the doubters in the "flat earth believers"category. Not to mention if it was a (sigh) "international conspiracy" by the New World Order, or the Freemasons, or the sponge bob square pants application fan club it pretty much is impossible to see why the whole frickin world ( East and West, Commie and Democratic governments) went along with it, so please, please go back to your conspiracy theory websites and roll with the tin foil hat crew, I come here to occasionally check whats going on in the real world, not the "broneys" meme world.
    Now if you will excuse me I'm off to the TAB to bet on
    Microsoft 8 failing miserably.

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