NASA Has Bottled The Fountain Of Youth

NASA Has Bottled The Fountain Of Youth

Looking to protect astronauts in space from the harmful effects of the sun’s radiation, NASA formulated a beverage — known simply as “space drink” or AS10 — blending together a rich cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants, exotic fruits and other plant derivatives, including Brazil’s cupuacu fruit, acai, prickly pear, yumberry, acerola, grape, green tea, and pomegranate.

The juice blend contains a high level of phytochemicals — which help shield cells from the sun’s radiation. It also, as it turns out, is being heralded as the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth. Imagine that.

Research conducted at the University of Utah saw, after four-months of drinking two-ounces of AS10 daily, a 30% reduction in UV spots (brown sun spots) and a 17% reduction in the amount of wrinkles in the study’s 200 female participants.

Dr. Aaron Barson, who lead the study, explains that AS10’s antioxidants help to combat oxidative stress — the process through which toxic molecules in the body, or free radicals, damage skin cells — allowing skin the freedom to heal more quickly and naturally.

For about $US50, a 25-ounce bottle of this miracle brew (which will last you around days) can be bought online via various outlets. Which means — with substantive results showing after the 4-month (120-day) mark — renewed youth can be yours for just $US500. The results may not be as pronounced, but it’s way cheaper than plastic surgery. [TheWeekImage via DenisNata/Shutterstock]