Modernist Cuisine At Home Will Come Full Of Recipes You Can Actually Use

When the six volume, 23kg Modernist Cuisine collection came out last year, it was a beautiful and, in the eyes of some, seminal volume dedicated to the future of cooking. But it wasn't really functional for the home chef. In October, Nathan Myhrvold and his merry band of foodies will release Modernist Cuisine at Home, a streamlined volume of recipes designed for molecular gastronomists working out of home labs.

The $US115 book will have 456 pages of recipes (and hopefully beautiful photos), along with a 231-page "kitchen manual", yielding a total of 400 new recipes, some of which are variations of the concoctions found in the original tomes. Grub Street writes:

So, what to expect? The book has 400-plus new recipes, all designed to be user-friendly: that means Modernist milkshakes, microwave custards, new techniques for salmon and steak, and a much-simplified version of that striped omelette Nathan Myhrvold made during his first round of MC press appearances.

But sadly, the book won't be available until October. This wait is going to be unbearable. [Modernist Cuisine via Grub Street]

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