Marvel At Our Winning Iron Sky Limericks

Remember our competition to write a limerick and win double passes to see Iron Sky? We've picked the winners, and they're a tribute to the resilience of the limerick as a relevant poetical form. Or just a lot of jokes about space Nazis. Check them out below.

There were lots of entries, but in the end only 10 people could win. Here are our favourites. And yes, one references Futurama. This is Giz. That'll work.

A film about moon-dwelling Nazis Can’t claim to be deep, or too artsy But the premise is sweet And the action looks neat So it holds a fond place in my heart… sy JD Niemand

Glad I’m not Jewish or Black Cause it looks like the Nazis are back They had been defeated So they quickly retreated To work on their plan of attack MDolley

A saucy nymphette name of Palin At leading her country was failin’ ’til with her legs open wide She took Nazis in stride Now her second term’s been smooth sailin’ Motormouth

We’re Nazis on the moon, We Carry a Harpoon, But we found no whales, So we tell tall tales, And sing our whaling tune Massive Tom

Forget the ten free passes Moon Nazis wearing space glasses Is reason enough For us to get tough And pay to seat our own arses Blindwilly

What we need is a huge asteroid To appear from out of the void It could wipe out the bad guys (Like Mortein kills house flies!) Who dwell in the dark with… Pink Floyd. Michael Potter

It’s been 70 years since the war, And the Nazis would settle the score. To the movies, my friend! (It’s releasing May 10.) Now the moon will be boring, no more. Robert(B-ob)

Because they all come from the moon They think they are simply immune To human attack But the humans hit back No matter how many platoons. Annita

There once was an evil villain, Who loved causing mayhem and killin’ Sarah Palin’s her name, She made Nazis look sane, But audiences – she would thrill ‘em! Seadragon

We Hail from the dark of the moon, Our leader sure was a baboon, Were here for a fight, to reclaim our right, Let's hope we do better than Zune. Geoffrey D'Unienville

Congratulations to the winners -- we'll be in touch ASAP to arrange the speedy sending of your tickets. Thanks everyone for entering.

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    I didn't realise plagarism would be rewarded, well done to Massive Tom.

      Actually I put that entry in as a joke, didn't expect to win anything.

      Also, woo hoo! I won something!

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        I was thinking the same thing about the plagiarism, so well done for getting one over the Giz guys.

          We got the joke / Futurama reference. That's why he picked up a prize -- and he didn't expect to win.

    Thanks Alex, there was a lot of funny entries so I honestly didn't expect to be in the top 10.

    Aww man, I didn't know there was a contest for free tickets! I woulda been on that stuff. I will express my disdain through haiku:

    Nazis on the Moon?
    I want to witness this fight.
    Poor college kid, help!

    I don't even know if it's going to be in theatres near me :<

    I thought my other one was much better but I am happy to take the win, regardless. And Geoffrey, just be thankful we are not all going to the same session, otherwise you and I would have to have words (I love my Zune).

      haha oh im not saying its a bad product (cough) im just saying i think the invading scifi nazis had a better chance of succeeding than microsoft did with that one :P

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