Man Jumps Into Vat Of Acid To Save Coworker

Here's a story for Springsteen's next ballad: A roofer in New Jersey took a dangerous dive into a vat of acid to save a coworker who had just fallen through a roof into the tank 12m below.

Immediately after the first guy tumbled through the top of the Swepco Tube plant, his hero buddy jumped to follow him into the container, where a solution comprised of 40 to 70 per cent nitric acid awaited him. He stood waist-high in the liquid as he and three other men pulled their peer to safety. The victim was completely submerged in acid. He's suffered burns from head to toe; his state is unknown, but other employees said they don't think it's enough to kill him. His saviour also sustained burns from the waist down and is in serious condition. Neither man has been identified, and OSHA is investigating.

Interestingly enough, the steam and mist from the vat of acid was the reason the roof needed to be repaired in the first place. [ via Gothamist]

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    That man is a HERO in the real sense of the word !
    If only the world had more......

    I wonder if there's anything relating to worker safety rules in that job...?
    Anyway, pretty amazing. Not just falling into acid, but falling 12m into waist high acid! Wow.

    12m into waist-high acid... That's brave. Can't help but think about what happens to certain parts of his body though... :S

    The article says the main did NOT jump in after him. He just helped from the side

      Try reading again.

      "Immediately after the first guy tumbled through the top of the Swepco Tube plant, his hero buddy jumped to follow him into the container"


      "His saviour also sustained burns from the waist down and is in serious condition."

      The article says the main did NOT fall into a tank of acid. It's about bunnies.

    From the article...

    "Clifton Fire Chief Vincent Colavitti Jr. initially said that one of the co-workers, Rob Nuckols, 51, of Frenchtown, had jumped into the vat and was aided by three other roofers in pulling out the victim.

    Nuckols declined to comment Monday night, but a relative, who asked that her name not be used, said he did not jump into the vat but was among four workers who pulled Davis to safety."

    Lucky the acid vat was there or the guy who fell would have a broken neck! Where were their safty harnesses???

    Wow - heroic.

    I had to do something like this once. A guy I worked with ran out of staples, I literally GAVE him some of mine.

    This is why people are supposed to wear safety harnesses attached to eyebolts in the roof framw work when working on a roof. Very few seem to do it.

    The image looks like a tank of sulfuric acid, the article clearly says nitric acid. Geez guys get your facts straight

    How the hell could this happen in the first place!? I've done a couple of courses in OH&S and that is just unbeleivable!

    I make Nitric Acid for a living and stuff that for a joke! at a weaker strength say 40 % its actually more corrosive and also has more entrailed gases (NOX fumes) which are thick orange and smell like crap. Just the fumes from standing in the tank would be unbearable.. It was a stupid thing to do.. risking your life like that.. There should have been scaffolding on top from which they work from, you don't stand on tank roofs.. for this exact reason.. and working at heights? where were there harnesses? I issue work permits all day long and i have a feeling someone is going to get into alot of shit for this.. easily avoidable, should never of happened..

      oops scratch that didn't read article haha, seems as though he wasn't on top of the tank as such but on the roof above an open pit, yet still should have been harness on if working on a roof...

        Lucky for the first guy that fell in that you weren't the guy who had to jump in and save him.

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