Lounge Chair Ingeniously Hides A Workspace In Its Arms

Just because a piece of furniture is beautiful doesn't mean it just has to sit there as a piece of eye candy. Martin Ballendat's [email protected] lounge chair would look right at home alongside a modern living room set, while it hides a secret set of fold-out trays strong enough to support a laptop.

So if you find yourself needing to outfit a home office, forget the traditional desk and office chair combo. Just stick one of these [email protected] seats in your den and be done with it. You don't even have to worry about wrangling power and network cables since there's a small hub hidden inside a trap door on one side. It's got everything the modern telecommuter needs, except maybe a healthy dose of Scotch Guard since that white finish is a coffee stain magnet.

[Rossin via Born Rich]

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