Live Stream: Watch The Galaxy S III Launch Event Right Here

So in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a product launch Thursday morning. It’s kind of a big deal. What could it be we wonder? Thanks to Vodafone, you’ll be able to watch an exclusive live stream of the event right here on Giz starting at around 10am AEST.

That's a wrap! Thanks for watching! If you're super into press conferences and missed the live stream, you can re-live the action in full below:

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    Have been completely out of the loop for a few weeks... What kind of launch are we talking here? What company?

      It doesn't say, but I am guessing from that picture it is Windows 8, considering that same image in used in the install process of the consumer preview haha

        Why would voda launch win8, and why would it be done in aus

    Nah it's the Samsung launch, most likely for the galaxy s3

      That was done yesterday

        Pretty sure it's the voda official *galaxy* ("it'll be out of this world") s3 launch

    Let me get my crystal ball & chants out: it..... will.... be..... galaxy s3 says it's for the S3

    "It will be out of this world."

    Well is it happening yet?
    I tried the vodafone blog page, and its down....typical

    Maybe because its out of this world...we cant actually watch the damn thing

    typical that vodafail can't get anything right. their website has failed ! its laughable really .. now 12 minutes after start of launch and the website still doesn't work mwahhahahahaha !!!

    Guys: I'm sitting in the venue, seems like we're delayed a few minutes....

      Can you at least tell us if the seats are comfortable?

      Define "a few minutes". The splash screen says "come back at 9.50". Doesn't say what year.

    Where is it? It’s 10:02AM

    Thanks for the update, Danny

    Pricing info and updated text is also over here:

    These guys just aren't enthused about their new product, they sound like they are giving a university lecture. They sound bored

    Is the guy just reading from the rolling text projector?

    Also, I was watching it on my iPad, and now I couldn't and it say I need flash??

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