Lightsabres. Chewbacca. Bubble Baths. Babes. This Video Has It All

There doesn't appear to be any purpose to the video, other than getting a pair of pneumatically-enhanced women to beat up on each other with lightsabres, the force and the odd water spray, while a dude in a Chewbacca costume looks on. At first I thought it was an advert for something, but on closer examination it appears to be a parody of marketing for male hygiene products.

More than likely it was put together to celebrate May 4, or "Star Wars Day" as it is known. (May the fourth. Get it?) The video is a sequel of sorts to this one, though I have to say the earlier clip has more going for it than this one. Except for less Chewbacca, of course.

Going by the YouTube comments, one of the women is apparently married to Seth Green. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out which one (hint: it's not Chewie), because the resulting Google Search has some not safe for work potential.

[YouTube, via Geekologie]

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