LG Has ‘No Immediate Plans’ To Produce More Windows Phone 7 Hardware

LG Has ‘No Immediate Plans’ To Produce More Windows Phone 7 Hardware

That’s probably not the kind of thing that Microsoft really wanted to hear. A senior LG official has told a South Korean newspaper that the company has no particular further Windows Phone 7 plans… although oddly it’s still researching them.

LG was one of a handful of companies that proudly showed off Windows Phone 7 handsets when the mobile operating system launched, and then… not so much.

A report in The Korea Herald quotes an unnamed LG spokesperson as stating that they were taking a step back from Windows phones to concentrate on Android. That statement was apparently made last week, but in the context of an upcoming South Korean visit by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, LG was said as looking to “continue research and development efforts” on Windows phones. The reason why LG’s stepping back from Windows Phone?

“The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure.”

There was a lot of speculation when Nokia announced its close tie-up with Microsoft that other OEMs may feel put out, and it seems as though that’s come to play. LG will concentrate on Android handsets for the forseeable future; that leaves (for the time being) HTC and Samsung still in the Windows Phone space alongside Nokia. [Korea Herald via Phone Arena]