LG Has A Cloud Service Coming Too

LG Has A Cloud Service Coming Too

LG’s new cloud service, named LG Cloud, will be going into beta today, May 1. Like all of these manufacturer cloud services, it’s extraneous and unnecessary and silly.

Here’s what we said about S Cloud, Samsung’s version of all the other versions of cloud storage:

But all these OEM cloud services are totally out of hand. Even iCloud, which makes a little more sense since it’s across a whole platform, not just one brand of the platform, isn’t as useful as cross-everything services like Dropbox.

And if everyone locks away all of our data in a million little cloud-based, non-transferable cubby holes, how is that better? Dropbox or Skydrive? Great. iCloud? Sure. Google Drive? OK. Everyone else, please stop this please please ok?

All of that is still true, and we’ll keep saying it for every one of these OEM services. Yes, LG Cloud has a neat little encoding trick — it’ll automatically transcode your files to a supported codec — but is that enough to make it worth sequestering files away into an LG-only little box? [Register]