Less Than 1% Of Base Stations In Australia Have Been Radiation Tested

For something that has been a massive source of concern for general public for decades, it doesn't appear the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), responsible for "protecting the health and safety of people ... from the harmful effects of ionising and non-ionising radiation", is in much of a hurry to allay anyone's fears.

Of the 18,000 or so base stations located around Australia, only 99 have had their emission levels measured since 1999. Before you get too wound up, not only are a select number of results from these stations available online, none of the stations tested are even close to exceeding the 4.5mW/m2 maximum specified by the agency, with almost all coming in at one per cent or less of the exposure limit.

The Australian reported the news earlier this week and managed to get a follow-up from ARPANSA yesterday, which said it's organising a "panel of experts" to help it review the body of new information on mobile radiation published in the last 10 or so years.

The Australian's beef seems to be with the fact that Australia's limits, while in line with those of the European Union, are much, much more generous than those of Russia, Switzerland and Belgium. From the results ARPANSA has collected so far, it wouldn't be much of a stretch for it to significantly drop the limits without issue.

[The Australian]

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    Was this before or after every company started to buy Huawei hardware.

    Since a large percentage of towers have their transmit strength reduced to shrink their footprint to combat congestion I don't thing there's much of a problem.

    Given the equipment and setup would be only a handful of combinations, I wouldn't have expected them to all be tested. That'd be like doing a full safety test of every car that comes off the manufacturing line. Once you know the results for the model, you know they'll all be the same.

      Yeah, I'm sure they would have been tested too. But these test are done by a government department so they are truthful, none of the Telcos are going to admit to breaking the rules. Also they aren't the function of the tower, they are testing its radio energy output.

    How large/complicated/long is the emissions testing process for the towers?

    Testing is very simple.
    But the results would not worth the effort.
    The signal levels are too low at ground level.
    Some people very close to some towers can't get enough signal to use their phones.
    It is all beamed towards the horizon.

    Where a base station antenna is 10m away from you at 900MHz the radiated power would be roughly 50dB lower at that distance, therefore if the base station antenna was broadcasting at 100W (50dBm) it would be 0dBm or 1mW. For reference your phone usually can transmit at 1W or 1000 times this power.

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