Lenovo's Handgrip Keyboard Clamps Onto Your Tablet, But Who Would Use It?

Typing on a tablet is an interesting experience, to put it mildly. Depending on your platform, there's no end of software keyboards, keyboard docks and Bluetooth options. An unearthed Lenovo patent calls for something entirely new; handclamps with rear-facing split keyboard options.

Patentbolt unearthed the clamp solution, which has the flexibility to work on any given side of the tablet, so you could split them top to bottom, side to side or place both together on one side of your tablet of choice. What's interesting there is that the two clamps house half of a standard keyboard each, but Lenovo's patent drawings suggest they're designed to work on the rear of the tablet; you'd type without seeing the keys, but you'd have to learn to split touch-type while doing so. It's an interesting concept, to be sure, but wouldn't the point of a tablet keyboard be to mimic the actions we already know, rather than make us learn new ones? [PatentBolt http://www.patentbolt.com/2012/05/lenovo-invents-handgrip-keyboards-for-tablet-computers.html]

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