Kogan's Latest Agora Tablet Is A $179 Slab Of Ice Cream Sandwich

Kogan's never traded as a "premium" brand, instead preferring to target the value section of the market. Its latest tablet offering comes with Ice Cream Sandwich and a 10-inch display screen for only $179.

There are, as always, a few value catches to be aware of; $179 only buys you 8GB of storage, a 2MP rear camera and a display with a 1024x768 display screen. Default storage is only 8GB, although the 16GB version is only $199; I suspect Kogan's not actually planning on selling too many of the 8GB version at that price point. At this stage, you'd also just be making a pre-order, as the tablets are expected to ship on June 25. Kogan's not the only vendor playing in the budget Android tablet space; over at Lifehacker Gus has assembled all of your cheap Android tablet options.


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