#KittyCam Led To Surge In Kitten Adoptions

It was easily the silliest story of late last week, but an undeniably cute one nonetheless when iiNet employees spent their spare time setting up a camera pointing at a Perth cat rescue shelter. It's a story which has two potentially great endings as well. Firstly, there's the good news that the existence of #Kittycam led to a record 59 animal adoptions at Cat Haven over the weekend. Given what usually has to happen to animals in pet shelters nationwide, that's a solid result as long as the animals are sensibly looked after.*

Equally excellent, in a release iiNet said it was looking into ways to make #KittyCam a permanent installation, which means the next time I'm stressed out at work (give it, say, five minutes or so) I may be able to get a dose of kitteny goodness. [iiNet]

*Cats are natural predators, and introduced predators at that; I'm a cat person, but my cats live indoors, because I like Australian native wildlife too...


    Correction: #KittyCam Led To Surge In Kitten Adoptions AND ADORABLENESS!

      Philosophical question that: If a Kitten is there, and nobody is watching it, is it still ADORABLE?

        Not until someone is present to adore it. However it sounds like a cute kitty :P

    You will surrender to the cuteness, resistance is futile!

    Kitty cats are adorable whether you're there or not....
    ... and always will be. ;-)

    That's awesome that there was actually a rise in adoptions. I was hoping to see some results after it had concluded and well here they are.

    Hope it comes back minus the upskirt

      I'm sure there's a double entendre there somewhere.

    I agree, I've always had fully indoor cats, we have built then runs in the past but generally if they are kept stimulated indoors they have no wish to go outside!

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