Kick-Ass Automated Berkeley Dorm Violates College Rules

Earlier this week we showed you the inside of Derek Low's insanely automated college room. Sadly, the draconian forces that be at Berkeley are calling Low in to a judicial hearing because his room violates their housing policy.

In his own words, Low spent "three months and several hundred dollars" tweaking his room, and now some academics have decided he can't have fun any more. How pathetic.

Still, Low doesn't seem too concerned. He's planning to move out and get himself a personal apartment in the next two weeks. Take that, Berkeley. [Innovation News Daily via Venture Beat]


    This kid clearly has too much of his parents money.

    Bet you he never uses "romantic mode".

      Or party mode for that matter.

        Oh, he uses them both. Sadly no-one else does...

          I noticed as soon as he hit romantic mode, his hands went to go down town on himself... I'm guessing it's a force of habbit for him by this stage.

    Creepy... Why would you want to part in that room?

      Because it would be more than magical on acid or even a few cones (college) :D

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