Julian Assange Loses Fight To Remain In The UK

Julian Assange has just lost his legal battle against extradition from the UK. That leaves the doors wide open for him to be deported to Sweden to finally face allegations of sexual misconduct which took place on its shores.

The Guardian reports that Britain's highest court ruled this morning that Assange's pleas to remain on UK soil be rejected. Judge Phillips, ones of the ruling judges, explained that the case "has not been easy to resolve."

Julian Assange wasn't actually present for the announcement, as he was held up in heavy traffic, but the result comes as a blow to him and his organisation WikiLeaks.

According to the New York Times, the British government is "now expected to announce an extradition date within 10 days." When the time comes, Assange will be handed over to Swedish authorities.

There is one final route Assange can take: he can appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. But if that court declines to take his case, he will have no option but to return to Sweden and face the music. [The Guardian, New York Times]



    If his EU appeal fails then he should run away to whatever country there is left who would be willing to take him, as he is actually has a chance of being classed as a political refugee, rather than take his chances in Sweden where he can be extradited to the US just by standing on Swedish soil without even having to prove the allegations which even bought him there in the first place.

    It's not like we are talking about Assange even having a chance to stand up to the rape allegations and then if he is found guilty of that, then being handed over the US. As soon as he lands under the pretence of the "rape trial", the "rape trial" goes out the Window (being trumped by the Extradition) and he is sent to the US before he even gets to his hotel or Swedish Prison cell.

    Whether what he did was wrong or right, was an ally of Australia or not, I am disgusted by Australia offering NO ASSISTANCE to their Australian citizen at all. Same with David Hicks - sure don't get me wrong I think he was a complete terrorist and was not telling the full truth in his interview to avoid incrimination - but Australia should still be assisting on principal, as opposed to the UK who bought their terrorist citizens out of Guantanamo Bay torture camp quick smart.

      David Hicks a total terrorist? are you high...you could say, sure he was fighting for the enemy and might have some credibility, but a terrorist...so simply being in the opposing army makes you a terrorist?

      You the US is a terrorist, bombing weddings from you untouchable vantage point in the sky is terror, training to fight for a cause your government doesn't agree with does not make you a terrorist, there is no evidence (or even any serious allegations?) that he was intending on killing innocent civilians...and if he wasn't going to do that, he wasn't a terrorist.

      Anyway, Sweden won't hand him straight over to the US, they will certainly run him through the legal process there, imagine Swedens already tarnished reputation in the world if they handed over probably the most high profile political activist in the world, the rest of Europe would hate them so much, that would be an incredibly bad decision.

      Oh, it's still bullshit, because their sexual assault laws are totally bogus.

    First you say the "sexual misconduct which took place on its shores" as though this is something that DID happen. Stop doing a Julia Gillard and calling guilty before the man actually is convicted in COURT! What a coincidence that Hillary Clinton scheduled to go to Sweden 4 days before the court hearing hey! American smear campaign that allows them to use the RIDICULOUS extradition laws in Sweden, Assange gets extradited to America, game over. America covers its fat ass, the crimes, mass murdering, spying and plotting continues to occur, this time without someone uncovering it!

    Continue to support your own ignorance by forcing out any form of transparency! Yipee

      This arrogant fool should be locked up. Send him to Sweden, have him face his allegations (which I suspect are bogus but there is always an element of truth somewhere) and then send him to America to face charges. Why would Australia lift a finger to help him when he would rat them out at a moment's notice? Sure, governement's should be transparent, but they also NEED to keep secrets from each other. If everyone got along then we would have one world government. He creates tension between governments that never existed and never had to exist.

        Mac, which government agency do you work for? You sound just like an illiterate Gillard stooge claiming that Assange would betray Australia.

        Like Gillard and her cronies, you have already judged him guilty, the behaviour of ignorant prejudiced fools. Who is the arrogant fool now?

          You are - thanks for asking. I said the rape allegations are probably bogus but that he should face charges.

          He should be locked up for his facilitation of wikileaks. Something like releasing classified conversations between Australia and the US about using force with China... yes that's what we need, a huge power and source of income for Australia like China annoyed at us and not trusting us. Governments are entitled to classified conversations. How is releasing it in ANY way helping us as Australian citizens?? The arrogance of this guy to think he knows what's best for our country is staggering.

        Uh huh.. is he an Australian citizen or not? If he is, then he should be afforded the same rights, support and assistance as anyone else. It's not a matter of whether we "want to", it's a requirement of our government to do that. If they don't do that, then they are breaking the law... but then that wouldn't be the first or the last time our government breaks the law.. they are continually breaking the law every time someone fill up their car with petrol and pays a tax on a tax, which is against the law.

    "But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

    What it comes down to is innonence until proven otherwise. It's the same deal with Corby.. when the news first broke, everyone thought it was ridiculous.. that it was a conspiracy, that it was falsified evidence etc etc.. but because time passed by and nothing was done to prove their innocence, people changed their mind and decided that they were suddenly guilty even without a proper and thorough investigation.

    The laws, the investigation practises and legal systems in general in other countries are different to ours. They treat people differently.. just because their legal systems are broken doesn't automatically make these people guilty when held up against our own legal systems.

    I truly hope people consider him for the Australian senate. Diplomatic immunity for someone willing to make governments see-through and to fight for the common man. He is truly a man we could be proud of in our government. Gillard is in Americas pocket, fortunately America is collapsing... And only those that desperately cling to what the media says remain ignorant of it. I'm disgusted that Australia can't help it's own citizens when they're overseas, why can't the people of Australia start standing up for their rights? Or have we signed em over already ?

    The government bent over backwoods for Corby and her entire family has been linked to dealing drugs. Assange is doing nothing wrong but given us information that others are trying to withhold from us, information that we have the right to know. It is about time America realised that it can't do or take what it wants anymore. America is a first world country with third world citizens. That is not freedom or democracy.

    I hope he rots. He is a worthless turd whose entire routine boils down to sharing information that was obtained by other people. Funny that he's sensitive about HIS info being leaked, yet isn't so respectful of other people's 'private' information. Why's it ok for Julian Assange to say what should and shouldn't be public knowledge?
    Fuck anyone who sticks up for this prick. He's a sexual predator and I can't wait to see him in lockdown with big beefy inmates. I hope they rape his ass raw.

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