New iPad Apps: Jetpack, Track 8, OnePad

This edition of the best iPad apps of the week has you all ready to for a good time. Whether you want to plan your next holiday or queue up a playlist for a party, we've got you covered.

Jetpack: Be careful, because this app might trigger a case of wanderlust in you. It displays your friends' best travel photos and lets you upload your own as well. You can see where your friends have visited, get holiday tips and make a list of all the places you want to go. Free.

OnePad: Do you ever look back on a page of scribbles and wonder what you were talking about? This app will keep you organised by filing your notes by their date. With it, you can take one page of notes for each day of the year, so you can remember what you were doing on Flag Day, 2011, for example. It syncs with your iCloud account, in order to keep everything straight across your devices. Free.

Track 8: Though Apple is usually associated with sleek, simplistic design, Windows Phone has out-Appled Apple as of late. Track 8 brings that aesthetic to the iPad in the form of a new music player. $1.99.

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