Is This The Cheesiest Gumtree Ad Ever?

People advertise for all sorts of things on Gumtree. Some very basic things... and some things that will have you wondering whether you can ever eat cheese again, like this ad seeking some very specific help in Melbourne.

I... I... I...

No. Words fail me.

(before anyone asks, a friend pointed this out on Facebook to me. I'm not sure I should thank her.) [Gumtree]


    Tasty or cheddar?

      Tasty /is/ cheddar.

    I'd do it.

    Haha, notice the email address? Zed's dead baby..

    This is nothing. My mate Jeff recently ran a photography workshop where they spent two days pouring cold milk over naked models. Google "Aurum Light" if you don't believe it.

      that is really quite amazing.

    Cracking cheese Gromit!

    Wow - genuinely sucked in by your story, nice piece of trolling. I learned my lessons, never be kind, and never go to WA, the medical professionals there seem to be misdiagnosing cases of tertiary syphilis contracted during years of cash-in-hand 'wine/cheese/wife swap' parties in the burbs as 'brain aneurysms.'

    Is anyone else hankering for a nice grilled cheese sandwich, i know i am.

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