Is The Washington Post Hiring Digg's Entire Tech Team?

Digg has been on a downward trajectory for some time, but now things seems to be getting worse. Rumours are circulating that the Washington Post is trying to hire the entire tech team from Digg, which would leave the aggregator site pretty much dead on its feet.

All Things D reports that, if the dealings go to plan, the Washington Post will have the new hires working alongside the people who built the publisher's Social Reader Facebook app.

If — or when — this all happens, Digg will be around, at least for a while. All Things D suggests that the management team of the website will stay put and attempt to work out a way in which it can leverage its brand name and traffic. That will be no mean feat, though, as the website has taken a back seat to social networks and one-time Digg wannabe Reddit in recent years. [All Things D]

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