Internode Brings Back Popular 150GB Plan For Naked Users

Internode Brings Back Popular 150GB Plan For Naked Users

Just this week, I moved house (well, apartment) from the Melbourne CBD to St Kilda. By far the least enjoyable part of the experience was relocating my ADSL2+ connection with Internode, but not because the process was painful — on the contrary, it was the most trouble-free connection I’ve ever organised. No, it signalled my move from the awesome, but retired 150GB Easy Naked S plan to the less generous and more expensive 60GB plan.

So I was extremely pleased to discover earlier this week that Internode has resurrected the 150GB plan… it just didn’t tell a lot of people about it.

While Internode usually sends communiqués when it updates its plans, they tend to fly under the radar — most of the time I only find out via a periodic check of my settings via the ISP’s customer admin page or Whirlpool. This time round, I came across it via the former path while I was tweaking the line profile for my newly-relocated ADSL line.

Internode did post the news to Whirlpool on Tuesday, but has yet to provide any notification of the new plan via its official news feed.

Called the “Easy Naked 150 Special” or just the “Easy Naked Special”, it’s for intents and purposes identical to the old Easy Naked S plan. The major differences are that NodePhone isn’t included and you must sign up for a 24-month contract. It’s also only available on certain ports — Optus and iiNet customers are currently out of luck.

For users not on a naked connection, you still only have the choice between a 30GB, 60GB, 200GB and 300GB, leaving a noticeable gap for those who consumer over 60GB a month, but can’t justify the outlay for 200GB.