Intel Ultrabooks Will Get Free Wi-Fi And Auto-Update From Your Bag

Those who own an Ultrabook will soon benefit from a new deal Intel has made to get all ultrabooks free, automatic, no-login access to 5.6 million global Wi-Fi hotspots.

The deal with Devicescape will use a custom DNS query to let ultrabooks log in without going through the whole process. That'll allow Intel's autoupdating Smart Connect tech to, say, refresh your email or RSS or Twitter feed while you're at a cafe, without ever taking your laptop out of your bag. Pretty cool!

The tech will require Devicescape's software to be preloaded on the ultrabooks themselves, and there are certainly some security concerns if your computer is going to be auto-connecting to a bunch of strange networks. But the networks, at least, will presumably be monitored by Devicescape, and you can always turn the feature off if it creeps you out too much. [Devicescape Reg Hardware]

The relationship will utilise Devicescape's Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of millions of hotspots all over the world. Working as part of Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology, applications such as email and social networks will be able to seamlessly access these hotspots to update content while the mobile device is in "sleep" mode... "Intel-based devices will now be able to use our global WiFi Offload Network to do exactly that."

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