Inspiring Paralympic Ad Made With Single Take, No CGI


    They're lying about the CGI.

    Yawn, not really inspiring. Imagine how much more awesome this would be if they'd put a normal person in there instead.

      The athlete is normal, he's just missing part of his leg .
      You on the other hand are obviously missing part of you brain!

      Try thinking before commenting.

        He's either a troll or mentally deficient.

        In either case, it's probably better to hold your comments until we read a Darwin Award about him.

          Oh, and great advertisement with a strong positive message.

      Spock, it's always nice to hear comments like yours because it always reminds me how far the evolution of human beings is still going to take us

    After seeing the behind the scenes, it becomes a bit hollow. What was epic just brings you back down a bit. Still, kudos.

    That's what I thought Peta would look like in the 2nd and 3rd parts of the hunger games.

    Pretty awesome commercial if you ask me :)

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