What iLounge Says The Next iPhone Looks Like

Do you have your heart set on a 3.5-inch iPhone? Too bad, says Apple news/rumour site, iLounge, which claims Apple's next handset will sport a 4-inch display and a metallic body. Let's snort some rumour lines!

As you can see in the site's mockup, the purported design will look much like current iMacs — silver aluminium framed by black glass. It looks gorgeous on a desktop, so we don't doubt Apple can replicate the Star Trek chic look on something much smaller. It also makes great practical sense, as it'd make the new iPhones a lot less shatter-prone.

But that screen! That four inch screen! It'd mean an entirely new aspect ratio, with the addition of new pixels at the top and bottom — which would be an adjustment for apps and those who make 'em, as well as us. We're still keen on the 3.5-inch feel, but bigger and bigger is clearly the way the tides are shifting these days. It... might... be... inevitable.

Extra bonus speculation!

• 20% thinner body • Use of tougher Gorilla Glass 2 (fewer broken phones! Still, don't drop yours in a toilet!) • A smaller dock connector for some reason! If it's not Thunderbolt this is pointless and infuriating!

Again: iLounge is mum on the origin of these speculated specs, but the people over there tend to be on the less horribly unreliable side of the rumour spectrum. And, more importantly, nothing they're reporting is that nuts — as much as Jobs's coffin will rattle if the company enters the Android screen size arms race. [iLounge]



    and now steve rolls over in his grave

      Hohum.... Where is my bluetooth shortcut.! Appletards!

        theres an app for that....seriously

    The bigger screen I could swallow, but a smaller dock connecter is rubbish. It's a totally ridiculous claim. When was the last time you went to a party that didn't have an iPod dock going? Every iProduct since the 30 pin dock connecter was introduced is compatible with those docks and ever dock is compatible with every iProduct. It would be totally ridiculous to throw away that kind of versatility

      The connector is the same but that does not mean that all docks work with all iDevices. Apple has changed the way that many newer devices follow the connector standard and many of the accessory manufactures designed to the lowest royalty cost per device so we see the situation we have today where an expensive car stereo head unit needs an adaptor to work with new iDevices.

    Very true, the smart thing to do would be to make the 30 pin connector compatible thunderbolt whilst still retaining the same shape/size and pins.

    Couldn't they just letterbox old apps?

    They would be smarter to make it 4" whilst keeping the same aspect ratio. Last thing we want is the fragmentation that plagues andriod.

      You'd still cause fragmentation by having to crank up the pixel count, otherwise it'll drop below their arbitrary 300 ppi and they won't be able to call it a "Retina Display" any more. Though they retconned the definition with the new iPad so who knows?

      Fragmentation is a load of bollocks to any skilled devoper. If you are coding for density-independent pixels instead of discrete screen resolutions and densities, it is really a non-issue. Differences in CPU and GPU performance for games and manufacturers modifying the OS then not updating the devices are much bigger issues than screen resolutions and densities.

        The ipad 3 is below 300 ppi and apple have absolutely no dramas claiming it is a retina display.

    These are rumours afterall... on one hand tehre are all the "weird" changes and things that have been happening since Jobs passed away.. and on the other, the iPhone is their flagship device and they would need to be very careful with any fundamental changes they make.. screensize is a fundamental change.

    I remember Steve Jobs saying that Apple will not change teh size of the iPhone because it's the right size. Now that he is gone, I wonder what teh reason for this is? That is if this romour comes true

      Steve Jobs also said that people who use anything less than the 9.7 inch iPad should "file their fingers", at a time Apple sold 3.5" iPhones. They're also said 300ppi+ is "Retina Display" but backtracked on that too, so take anything not legally-bound with a grain of salt.

    Change the dock connector so that millions of current charge and interconnect cables become obsolete, no, I don't think so. Also, how much data do you need to be transferring to and from the phone to make thunderbolt necessary. I certainly don't need to transfer 10GB to and from my device regularly... or at all. Maaaaaybe a modified connector (like the 3.5mm jack and optical connectors) would be good, but I still can't see how beneficial it would be. It certainly wont happen with the next edition of the iPhone anyway.

    Larger 4" screen, also no. It's a well known fact the screen size is down to the accessible area you can reach using one hand (thumb). Again, to change the aspect ratio to something new would be causing too many issues.
    Perhaps a larger screen with the same aspect ratio in s similar sized body (like the edge-less example above), but the iPhone is still the ideal hand size. If I want to watch movies I'll do it on an iPad or a TV.

    Unfortunately though, larger screen + bigger battery + thinner form factor = a hot potato in your hand.

    Better camera. Yes. That's overdue. HD facetime, no though. Not enough roaming bandwidth.

    Jj - you made me laugh. I too would love that!

    Thinner form factor. Of course.

    Rumor mill cranked up to 110%. Check.

    Prediction: This is all bullshit. Now when it doesn't happen you can call me your prophet?

    WOW - That is ugly.
    Apple is a "superficial" company - it is all about looks rather than whats on the inside ... so I doubt this will ever see the light of day.

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