How To Root The Samsung Galaxy Note

Rooting the Galaxy Note is super easy with the Odin one-click rooting app. Here's what you need to know.

Step 1: 10 Reasons To Root Your Android Device

Step 2: Pros And Cons Of Rooting Or Jailbreaking Your Phone

Step 3: Let's Get Started...

You'll need a Windows PC for this method, but other than that, it doesn't get any simpler. You'll just need to download a few files, boot up your Note in recovery mode, plug it into your computer, and run the Odin program. It'll flash ClockworkMod Recovery onto your phone, which you can then use to flash the necessary root files. For a full walkthrough, check out's video rundown.

Then, when you're ready to see everything you can do with your rooted phone, check out Android Forums' All Things Root page for the Galaxy Note.

Step 4: For even more info, see: The Complete Guide To Rooting Any Android Phone



    I got my Samsung Galaxy S about 15 months ago. When I got it I rooted it straight away. 14 Months later my phone started having some serious issues, wiped all my music and had errors, dropped calls, and crashes constantly. So last week I decided to wipe everything and start over with a fresh install, except I had forgotten why I rooted my phone to begin with. After a fresh install I am still having issues, but I cannot take the phone in to be looked at because I have rooted it. If I could go back, I would have never sone so, Its really not worth the time/effort with android devices. Apple yes, Android no.

      Huh, how would you if its worth the tiny effort it is to root one phone and not another? Have you rooted both? Also if it took 14 months for errors to appear I say it sound like a hardware issue - maybe you dropped it recently.

      For your information I've rooted my S2 and its working fantastically well.

        Both? I have only mentioned one phone... I have had my Galaxy for 15 months. The issues creeped up slowly over 12 months or so, which I could deal with until my music got wiped for no conceivable reason.

        I turned it off one night when I was away from a charger because the battery was low, then when I turned it back on the next morning it the music was gone, no where to be found. I have never ever dropped a phone, so thats deff not the issue. That was the last straw and I decided a reinstall/reformat was in order. But after only a week or so problems are creeping up again, im getting strange errors pop up.

        I cannot return the phone even if it is faulty now, because I have rooted it I have voided the warranty, and there is no way to un-root. Just not worth it for androids in my opinion. I think I may have rooted to uninstall bloatware and that was it.

          You posted "Its really not worth the time/effort with android devices. Apple yes, Android no." So the question remains, how would you know if its worth the effort to root one phone (iphone) and not another (Galaxy S)?

          Maybe your phone was plug in when there was a spike in the voltage.

            Ah I see what you are saying. I mean its worth Jailbreaking iPhones because they are much more sandboxed and limited in what you can do (ie. Changing themes, teathering etc.). I jailbroke my iPhone 3G years ago, but its not really worth the effort for Androids.

            The phone was not plugged in when the music was wiped, I was away from my charger, so i turned the phone off for the night to save some battery for the train ride the next day, but when I turned it back on the music was gone!

    Ive rooted my gnote/sgs2 so I can use gamecih/gameguardian ;)

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