How to Automatically Mute Ads on Spotify

It's nice that music-streaming service Spotify offers a free, ad-supported version, and most of the time we don't mind listening to an ad or two for the privilege. But those audio ads can be a serious buzzkill when they interrupt your party music. Here's how to automatically mute ads in Spotify and keep the flow in your playlists.


Blockify is far and away the best Spotify ad blocker for Windows. It sits in your system tray and mutes Spotify (or your computer, your choice) whenever it detects an audio ad. It'll unmute Spotify when the ad finishes playing.

Better yet, though, Blockify can do more than just mute ads: It also adds customizable hotkeys to Spotify, so you can skip tracks, play, pause, shuffle, and change the volume with keyboard shortcuts. It also allows you to play a substitute MP3 from your Music folder when it mutes an ad—that way, you don't have any empty space between songs. When it detects an ad, it will mute Spotify, play a random MP3 from your Music folder, and then move to the next track on your Spotify playlist when that song is over, which is a really cool little feature.

Mac OS X

On OS X, you can mute ads just by downloading and running Smutefy. Smutefy sits in your menu bar, mutes Spotify whenever an ad plays, and unmutes it when the ad is over. There's no other configuration necessary, though you will need previously mentioned Soundflower installed for it to work. It also has a manual blocklist, so if any do come up, you can block them from showing up again just by clicking an option in the menu bar.

Of course, it's also worth mentioning that the best way to avoid ads in Spotify is to pay for the $6.99 per month and do the right thing. If you're going to block ads all the time, you're probably better off supporting the service, but we understand that sometimes you just want to make it through a playlist without being interrupted by out-of-place music. Use with care!



    do the ad blockers that block banners and ads on android phones support this as well?

    ....Get ZUNE PASS!

    ....... I am of split mind though. I'm all windows based, so Zune is no issue.

    My phone is HTC, so it has a shit bug (well reported, never fixed) where it MAY freeze at the end of a song..

    Spotify can be free, lower quality with adds..... better quality with paid. Similar price to Zune...

    Thank God my phone plan expires at the same time as my Zune pass, free to make my own choice then.

      Zune Music Pass = $11.99 per month vs Spotify Basic $6.99? See table at:

        Can't spotify through my xbox on my 7.1 surround sound though :p

          But can you Zune through your Sonos home audio distribution system? And play a different song in every room?

    "...though you will need previously mentioned Soundflower installed for it to work". Where in this article is Soundflower 'previously mentioned'?

    Or, you could buy the bloody $7 a month pay version if you don't like ads? Bunch of tight arses.

      +1. If you're going to do this, you may as well torrent the tracks.

    It's one thing to talk about piracy.. it's another thing to tell people how to do it.

    This article should be pulled and thrown in the trash where it belongs.

      How is this piracy? If you could block out ads on the radio/tv would you do it? Am I also "pirating" for using adblock to remove youtube ads?

      Bit crappy but most of us use AdBlock software as well which is a similar thing.

      Gizmodo have advertising and still show us articles on that as well.

      Still should be in the trash though.

    Yeah not cool. Finally Aus has a decent and reasonably prices music streaming service, and you are telling people how to rip them off! Up until spotify was released I was a self confessed music pirate. My reasons for pirating were that there was no decent, convenient, and reasonably priced alternative. I signed up to a premuim account with spotify the first day it was launched here, as I think $13 is reasonable. If everyone followed this article, and other streaming services (netfix etc) see how easily we are willing to rip off spotify then perhaps they will reconsider providing their services here, especially is an article like this is on a major Australian tech site such as Gizmodo!

      So when you watch t.v. You sit and watch every single commercial with out leaving the room?

        I don't own a TV, and haven't owned one for 5 years now because it isn't convenient for me. But yeah, when im at my GF's place we watch the ads, I actually enjoy some of them because I don't sit in front of the TV all day every day and see them repeatedly. I can appreciate a good TV Commercial.

        Forcing you to listen to ads and not allowing you to mute them is NOT cool. You are still bombarded with banner ads so your statement that people are ripping off spotify is invalid. Using ad hominem attacks against Gizmodo for providing info which gives people more freedom to what they listen to is pointless.

          I have never used the unpaid version of spotify, but because it is an audio streaming serivice I would assume the ads are audio only... muting them you are

      As I understand it, this article talks about MUTING spotify whilst still letting the ads run their full course. Therefore, spotify does not lose any revenue and the end user doesn't have to deal with the annoyance of the ads (though, it's replaced by moments of silence). This program doesn't function like AdBlock, where by the site owner actually do lose revenue. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

      Yes, I know how old this article is... I stumbled upon it whilst trying to find a program which would block the ads...

    I tried the Mac version and I couldn't get it to work.

      Smutify doesn't support MacOs Lion :/

    I bet that Spotify loves this article. How about I recommend that people download AdBlock for Google Chrome, so that they can avoid advertisements on your website? Bet you don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

    I just use Spotti ad blocker :)

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