How Common Is Your Birthday?

Your birthday! The day you feel like the most special person on the planet! The day you get to do what you want. But, don't forget, other people share your birthday too. In fact, a lot of people do. What are the most common birthdays? Check out this snazzy visualisation to find out.

The visualisation used data from 1973 to 1999 to chart popular birthdays and figured out when the most popular time to pop out babies were. So if you ever thought you were unique, you're not. Especially if you were born in the month of September. Why? Because turns out, a lot of people were born in September. It's the most popular month.

Here's the full chart. To no one's surprise, February 29th was the least popular birthday. Holidays are noticeably absent of birthdays too, while the July, August and September triumvirate just dominates birthdays. How common is your birthday? [The Daily Viz, NY Times via BuzzFeed]


    obviously everyone is doing it 9 months earlier... xbas holidays... NYE, I've been telling peeps this for years... its so obvious...

      They probably didn't listen...because you call them peeps...and use...all these unnecessary...ellipses...

    Just shows that the Christmas/New Years holidays are the more popular times to 'get jiggy with it'

    Completely unresearched speculation; but the gap around Xmas (23/12-26/12) looks to show an ability in mothers (sub-concious or otherwise) to postpone birth by a couple of days?

    Anyone have any actual knowledge on this?

      Induced labour before the new year would also have an impact.

    This IS an American chart from the US Giz so things could be quite different in Oz... different seasons and holidays etc.

      I'm wondering that too... Xmas/NYE is also Cold in the US, so snuggling up to your partner might be slightly more prevalent than it is here when it's 35 degrees overnight and the last thing you want is a warm body pressed against you!
      I wouldn't be surprised if Oz has a spike in September but also in Feb/March, ie. 9 months after when it's coldest!

        That may factor into it, however despite the heat, it's also the time when most people are off work and on vacation and are looking to 'de stress'. I'd imagine the chart would be somewhat similar.

    I'm a late September birthday. Calculating 40 weeks before that comes to December 23, give or take a day or two. I know what my dad got for Xmas that year.

      Congratulations. You got to think about your parents having s3x.

        Congratulations. Your post implies you still think that's "ewwww, gross!" like a pre-teen first learning about biology. :-)

        The extended Jul-Aug-Sep period makes sense, because while many babies arrive early, not many arrive late...

          Actually a large proportion of first time pregnancies are late.

        I'm sure they probably enjoyed it too. Just as yours did when you were conceived. Get over it dude.

    People saying that it's because of people "celebrating" at Christmas time are right, but why are the values lower than most other dates in the month on the 13th of each month?

      I'd guess superstition - people trying very hard not to have a child born on the 13th (quite feasible if you're looking at induction or an elective caesarian), or if it is, writing the birthdate down as either the 12th or the 14th.

      Same as the 4th and 5th of July are down considerably compared to the days before and after, American Holiday = no caesarian or induced labor.

    i work with a guy who has two sons in the down period, i think he is a different sub race....

    I wonder if it is any different for Nth Hemisphere vs Sth Hemisphere with regard to seasons, and also with different holidays etc.

      Nope - the hospital where my daughter was born here in Brisbane has their busiest time in August - especially around the full moon.

    wait, there are less birthdays at Christmas than the 29th of febuary? i dont believe you

    Perhaps they should produce another chart which shows the same data based on likely conception date of 40 weeks prior. That might give a clearer picture.

      Well, "full-term" babies arrive anywhere from 37 - 41 weeks, and then you have to account for premmies which might turn up well before 37 weeks too. So it's not all that useful an exercise.

        Remind me again how any of this a useful excercise??

    For all of you counting back 40 weeks, it's actually 40 weeks from last menstrual period, so around 38 weeks from conception is the birth date.

    My birthday is September 16 .... thanks for making me feel common. Haha

    Valentine's Day blip

    it makes so much more sense to me now, as to where most of the stupid people in the world come from, 9 months before September, in some drunkard stupor, born from the drunkard pirate binges of Christmas and NYE... apes.

    Weird. October 24 is my birthday, yet I know more people who have birthdays on October 24 than in October other than the 24th. Maybe differs in the area? This heatmap is probably from the US while I live in Australia. It's common here. Also, December 25th is common here. (Looks like many people force their babies out on February 14th XD) February is also really common here.

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