Hitchhiker's Live Reunites Original Radio Cast For Limited Tour

A way too limited tour, in my estimation. Aussie tour producers — get onto getting this local, will you? Or failing that, anybody got a spare plane ticket to the UK they don't need for mid-year?

Sadly, Peter Jones, the voice of the book in the original radio series (although these live shows will be adaptations of the books, to fit the material in) is no longer with us. Still, his replacements — which include Terry Jones and Neil Gaiman — ought to be able to do a decent job.

Now, all I've got to do is somehow warp my way over to the UK very soon indeed. Perhaps if I hook up this Bambelweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain to an atomic vector plotter… no, it still needs one more thing… [Hitchikers Live via Topless Robot]

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