Here's How Ridiculous You Look Posing For Photos

You've been there, I've been there -- telling someone to smile and pressing that camera shutter down only to realise a few seconds later that your cam was in video mode. Director and editor Dean Fleischer-Camp decided to exploit that premise to some hilarious ends.

Smile is based on a simple yet ingenious prank for the digital age. Tell someone to pose for a photo, then record their fidgety performance of trying to look good for the camera. If some of these awkward posers look familiar, it's because Fleischer-Camp lives with former SNL and Bored to Death star Jenny Slate; the two created the wonderful Marcel the Shell together. Zach Galifiankis shows up too, but only because he's contractually obligated to be in every film recording from now through 2016. [YouTube via PetaPixel]


    Boredom after 17sec

    A trick that's particularly suitable for groups but would also work in this case, is telling everyone to close their eyes and then open and smile on the count of 3. Take the shot half a second later, when everybody focused their smile on the camera.

    Learnt this tip from a Scott Kelby book. I found that besides avoiding someone blinking it also works great with kids (and most adults) as it gets them in a giggly mood...

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