Have You Used The Rice Smartphone Trick?

If last week's question about accidentally killing smartphones is any indication, we're all a clumsy bunch with a particular predilection towards dropping phones down the toilet. The standard "fix" for such things — beyond going begging for another phone — is to drop it in some kind of moisture absorbent material, with rice being the easiest and cheapest alternative. But how well does it actually work? I've passed the tip on to a number of people — and I can think of a number that have reported that, indeed it's revived dead smartphones, or at least stopped any damage occurring.

In case you're scratching your head and going "Rice? Are we having lunch early?", the essential basis of the trick is to use a jar or bowl full of rice to absorb the moisture from an inadvertently dunked/dampened phone. It won't work in every case, and patience is solidly a virtue; it's not just a good idea to get a phone into the rice quickly, but also to give it at least 48 hours (or longer) to get every bit of moisture out.

What I'm curious about are your stories. Ever tried the rice trick, and if so, what happened? Image: cookbookman

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