Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi or Good Guys: Who's Australia's Best Bricks And Mortar Gadget Retailer?

An Australian survey of trusted brands suggests that JB Hi-Fi is the third most reputable brand in the country — behind Apple and Australia post. Many Giz readers buy a lot online, but when you do venture out into the real world, where do you spend your cash? As Gus points out over at Lifehacker, reputation surveys are interesting creatures, and it was the prominence of the major retail brands that really jumped out at me. JB Hi-Fi is at number three. Good Guys is at number 12, while Harvey Norman is further down at 28. There's no sign of Dick Smith Electronics, although it could perhaps be seen as part of Woolworths, its current corporate owner.

Does that mesh with your view of Australia's electronics retailers? Where do you spend your gadget money?


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