Guy Gets Magnets Implanted In His Arm To Hold His iPod

The touchscreen-equipped iPod nano spawned a multitude of straps and cases letting users wear it like a watch. But none are as creative, or downright creepy, as this body-piercing artist who had four magnets implanted in his arm to hold it in place.

We applaud Dave Hurban's originality, as we would have never thought of drilling into our arm and plugging the holes with four magnets to keep the iPod nano literally close at hand. But we can't help but feel that he maybe overlooked the possibility that Apple might update the iPod nano's design one day? Like it's been known to do... nearly every single year. And even a small reduction of its form factor could mean Dave's implants are no longer in the right positions.

So while the rest of the world anxiously waits to hear what new products Apple announces, we suspect Dave might be secretly hoping they leave the iPod nano the way it is for at least another year. [Kaleidoscope Kreative via You Bent My Wookie]



    It was a great idea, until he got stuck on the fridge.

    It's multipurpose... He also won't suffer from travel sickness anymore ;-)

      yes... but now he has a item in him that will set off the metal detectors.

        That's a non-issue. a b'zillion people have metal in their body somewhere, be it a titanium knee or metal skull plate or screws holding your spine in place. Someone swipes a handheld metal detector across you and you're cleared and carry on your merry way.

    what an idiot. Talk about short sightedness

      You do realize that the dermal implants can be removed right....

    He sure loves his iPod, what a D-bag.

    Moron. Doesn't he know the magnets will wipe the tiny hard drive in the nano?

      Moron. Doesn't know that nanos use flash memory not hard drives...that said, i wouldn't put magnets near flash memory either, although the ones he used are probobly to small to do any damage.

    At least he doesn't have to wear those Power Balance bands anymore.


      That was my first thought as well. This guy is gonna be super-healthy and energetic! Direct human-magnetism interface!

    I like this sort of thing. Not specifically for the reason this guy did it, but it could have useful applications.

    I will laugh next time he goes through airport security. Or needs an MRI.

    Now he has to have headphone wires trailing up his arm?

    Yeah, it's a silly show-off thing. It's sort of a good idea, but as the article indicate- basing stuff around disposable consumer tech like this is a mistake. That pain and discomfort for tech that only lasts 2 years tops. he'd be a lot better off if he got someone to make him a custom device instead that was a lot more durable and longer lasting.

    I'm disgusted no-one has pointed out his awesome piranha plant tattoo.

    I'm a little old fashioned, but I don't see the need to worry about this, he's done it once he can do it again easy but like you say.... MRI and unconscious =ripped out of arm
    But it's not a bad adaptation of the idea from earlier this year :)

      If you're in such a bad way that you've been brought to hospital, you're unconcious and unable to communicate that your have magnetic implants, and you need an MRI, then the minor wounds from the magnets being pulled out from under your skin is the least of your worries. The implants wouldnt be all that deep, and you're unconcious so you wouldn't feel it. A couple of stitches and you're good as new -- assuming the car crash that got you there didnt leave you brain damaged.

        But wouldn't the flying magnets bugger up the MRI machine? I wouldn't have thought that they take kindly to a hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment being damaged...

    What a show pony.

    Doesn't matter, people like this don't realise 'airplanes' were invented... over 100 years ago..
    If you can't ride a 'horse' there it isn't worth going .. Else . "Poser"..
    'nother-note', why wear those black tat-artist-typical-Gloves, you can't get Hep X from yourself....
    And Not having them on makes you more dextrous with the tools of the surgical trade....
    @Ozoneocean ^ But some people get off on the pain and suffering....Also never heard of Lidocaine. Oh sure pain relief is for wusses, or those who don't do pain for fun.

    Any reason he couldn't have used superglue?

    All I can see is "OW!"

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