Google's Motorola Buy Is Official Now

Google chief Larry Page has announced that the company's $US12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility is finally official.

He said that Sanjay Jha has stepped down as Motorola CEO, as had been expected, and he's handed the reins to Google's Dennis Woodside. The Motorola buy was made presumably for its intellectual property, which amounts to 17,000 patents. There are rumours that the hardware business will be sold, perhaps to China's Huawei.

That said, Google hasn't made any definitive statements about its plans. Let's hope this nab doesn't mean it's going to try to be everything all at once — make handsets and maintain its Android platform. Aside from Google not having a proven track record as a hardware company, if it were to start producing phones, it would seriously anger its 55 OEMs. That's a delicate situation considering it's already in a pretty precarious position with its perceived favouritism of its Nexus phones. That's why Google is reportedly partnering with multiple hardware makers to release several Nexus-branded devices each year. However, owning Motorola makes all those alleged plans a bit hazy. [Google]

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