Google Giving Raspberry Pi To School Kids

The Raspberry Pi project has noble aims. It's intended to inspire a new generation of school-age coders and hackers to build exciting new things from a very cheap computer base. There's just one problem; everyone else is snapping up Pi units as fast as they can be built. Enter Google. This is one of those heartwarming stories that reminds you that it is possible for big companies to, indeed, "do no evil". The BBC reports that Google's funding 100 science teachers through UK schools to enhance the teaching of science, but beyond that, it's also funding those teachers to buy Raspberry Pi units to help with the teaching. Something tells me that when you're Google, you probably do get to skip to the front of the queue — and at least this time it's for a good cause.

You know what? I reckon we need something like this — exactly like this — in Australia. What say you, big Aussie IT companies (or multinationals)? Anyone willing to step up and invest in the future and some very positive karma? [BBC]

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