Gizmodo Asks Comedian Ryan Shelton About His Geek Origins

Ryan Shelton is a funny, funny guy — and he's not in the least bit shy about his innate geekiness, whether it's an addiction to smartphone apps or a love of the humble Delorean.

Gizmodo is traversing the interwebs to chat with geeky celebrities who we’ve always wanted to meet — for this new series sponsored by developer hub,La La Ninja.

Ryan's a really easy guy to interview; you just point a camera at him and he goes. There's something really nice about somebody happy with their inner geek, whether it's app store addictions or a devotion to all things Back To The Future.

Have a suggestion for who we should chat with next? Let us know below!

Submit your own Geek Origin Story over at La La Ninja for your chance to win one of 2 Xbox 360s. Who knows, maybe we’ll chat with you next!?

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