Giant Foam Fist Koozie Strikes Fear Into Lukewarm Drinks

You might think the koozie you've got wrapped around your can is doing a great job at keeping your drink cold. But a quarter inch of neoprene can't compare to how well this gigantic novelty foam fist would insulate your cold beer.

It suspiciously looks like some company bought up all those giant foam Hulk fists from a few years ago and painted them to look like the calmer version of Bruce Banner. But instead of smashing sound effects, these $US20 koozie fists only include a hole for inserting a can, and a hole for inserting your own hand. Insulating them both and making you look like some kind of bizarre human-hulk hybrid trying to beat the heat. [Gadgets and Gear via Gear Diary]


    Koozie? It's a stubbie holder, mate.

    Koozie? Wtf? You mean stubby cooler right?

      You mean stubby holder, right? :)

        Hmmm, I've heard both frequently used, but I guess stubby holder is the most correct :P

    +1 stubbie holder! if you're going to repost seppo articles on an aussie website at least check the slang used.


    Pitty its not green, with the Avengers and all. Actually i wonder if they are Hulk fist rejects. Puny can.

    What the hell is a koozie?

    Caw blimey mate!
    Bloody beer and footy aye mate! Aww, wallabies and dingoes and more beer!

    I don't think anyone understands quite how stupid Australian lingo is.
    (I am Australian, and I don't speak like a yuppy with a beer in one hand and a pack of PJ Reds in the other.)

    Yeah.... its a bloody stubby holder mate! :P

    Koozie..... I just ever see myself asking for a 'koozie' to keep my beer cold lol

      *can't ever

    This is now available in Oz! Sorry, it took so long, but ships are super slow. And yes it's a Stubby Holder. I think maybe an American programmed robot wrote the article.

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