Galaxy S III Will Be $59/Month On Vodafone?

Galaxy S III Will Be $59/Month On Vodafone?

We’ve had a number of reports claiming Vodafone stores are getting stock in sealed boxes for some kind of product launch tomorrow. The rumour: Samsung is launching the Galaxy S III tomorrow. Then this image ended up in our tips inbox.

Ad posters have also been spotted around Sydney.

So, at a total of $64 per month (including repayments) over 24 months would give you a minimum total cost of $1536; there may well be other plans which we’ll no doubt find out about tomorrow. Equally, there’s no confirmation (just speculation) as to whether this means that it’ll be a Vodafone exclusive.

Unless, that is, there are any Giz readers working in Telstra or Optus stores who’d care to drop us a hint?

Thanks to our mystery contributor!