Galaxy S III Importers Start To Line Up

On Friday, the only local importer offering the Galaxy S III was Mobicity — and then, only if you wanted the 16GB variant. Kogan's entered the fray as well, and both vendors have the 16, 32 and 64GB models on pre-order. So how much will you pay?

Size Kogan Mobicity
16GB $789 $799
32GB $889 $899
64GB $989 $999

It's not quite as clear cut as Kogan slicing in just under Mobicity, however; currently Mobicity's offering free shipping, while Kogan's web site advises its prices are "plus shipping" — although that may just be a quirk of the website design, as when I checked, the shipping total to a Sydney location was also free.

[Kogan and Mobicity]

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